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Hire a foldable bike to take on the bus

LibertyBus have teamed up with the worlds leading manufacturer of folding bikes to bring you LibertyBike – the only bicycles which can travel on the public bus!

From Wednesday March 01st LibertyBus will welcome Brompton’s folding bikes to Liberation Station – to be known as LibertyBike. The foldable hire bikes are the first of their kind in Jersey and will mean that LibertyBus customers will be able to hire bicycles that they can bring onto the bus to enjoy and explore the island!

Currently regular bicycles are not able to travel on the bus due to space restraints. However, now that LibertyBike will be available for hire from Liberation Station, anyone can hire a foldable bike and take it on the bus!

Kevin Hart, General Manager at LibertyBus, said: ‘I think it will be great to encourage both tourists and islanders to explore the Island by bus and bike.’

Kevin stated, ‘We are always looking for ways to improve our offering to the public. The repeated suggestion from our customers is that they’d like the ability to take a bicycle on the bus, so we’ve invested in these foldable bikes to make it a possibility. We have purchased 12 bikes and a docking station that will be located inside of Liberation Station. The bikes are hired via Brompton’s website with fees going direct to Brompton - LibertyBus get no revenue from this project, it is simply about us listening to our customers, reinvesting our profits and providing a facility available for all to use.’

Each of the bikes are named after a parish in our island, and they will be available for hire from 01st March 2017. Customers can also take their own foldable bikes on the bus as long as they fold to the same size as LibertyBike. There is a box at the station similar to a luggage check at airports, where you can check that your bike fits. SImply head to the Customer Service desk and they will check your bike's size, then give you a sticker to prove to drivers your bike has been approved. Personal foldable bikes without the 'approved' sticker cannot travel on the bus.

Brompton Bikes is the worlds leading manufacturer of folding bikes. Bikes are available for rent in 24 hour periods, and the system is simple to use from tablet, laptop or smartphone. LibertyBus staff will have an iPad available to book the bikes in case any customers should need assistance.

To find out how to hire a bike by heading to the Brompton website through clicking here.


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