Contactless Payment

We're now accepting contactless on all services

You can use your contactless bank card or smartphone/watch to pay for bus tickets.

Here's how to use contactless:

  • Tell the driver you want to pay with contactless and ask for a single ticket or day pass.
  • Place your contactless card/device over the card reader.
  • Wait for your ticket to be printed.
  • That's it! Your ticket becomes your receipt.
  • Enjoy your journey!

Contactless FAQs

How does contactless work?
Contactless is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for single tickets and day passes when using our bus services.
Instead of paying with cash, you can pay with contactless by placing your contactless card, iPhone or Android phone on the reader of the ticket machine.

What tickets can I buy using contactless?
Contactless can be used to purchase single tickets and day passes on our services.
If you would like to buy 2,3 or 7 day passes with your bank card please visit our customer service desk at Liberation Station.

Can I top up my avanchicard on the bus using contactless?
No, we are not offering this facility as we anticipate that it will increase boarding times and so slow down your journey speed. However you can still top up your avanchicard online using your credit or debit card, or at our customer service desk at Liberation Station.

How do I know if my card has contactless?
Look for the contactless symbol on your bank debit or credit card. Most new cards will come with this facility available but if you’re unsure, check with your bank or card issuer.

Which contactless cards can I use?
Any contactless enabled card, iPhone (via Apple Pay) or Android phone (via Android Pay) can be used except cards issued by American Express.

Can I use Apple Pay or Android Pay on my mobile to buy bus tickets?
Yes, we accept both Apple Pay and Android Pay mobile payments as well as contactless enabled wearables such as wristbands and watches.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend on board with contactless?
On board our buses our contactless spend limit is £30 which is adequate for single tickets and day pass purchases. If you would like to buy more than one ticket at a time and the total is over £30 you’ll need to pay for each ticket individually unfortunately.

Will I get a receipt or ticket if I pay with contactless?
Yes, the ticket produced will act as your receipt.

Is my contactless payment safe?
Our systems and equipment are tested and certified to comply with all payment card scheme data security standards. Contactless payment cards are safe and secure, and have the same level of protection as Chip & PIN payments, so you can feel confident when using one to pay for your travel.
During a contactless payment transaction, only minimal information is sent to us, and no information about your card account or personal data is displayed to the driver or our customer services and finance team. We regularly check with card issuers to make sure that your card hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen. If it has, you’re protected against fraud loss as long as you report it to your bank or issuer as soon as possible.

What if my payment does not work?
There are a few reasons why a card may not work when presented for travel; if this happens your driver will ask you to try another card, or to pay using cash or another form of payment such as the avanchicard.

I have bought the wrong ticket - can I get a refund?
Our drivers cannot offer refunds for contactless payments that have been completed on board the bus. If you have purchased the wrong ticket, you will need to purchase the correct ticket for your journey and then contact our customer service team after your journey.

What if I don’t have enough money on my card to cover my bus fare?
Buying tickets on the bus using contactless is the same as buying things in a shop. Your bank may allow you to purchase the ticket however this could result in you going overdrawn and incur bank charges. For more information, please check with your bank. If the payment is accepted on bus this will be taken from your bank account regardless.

Who should I contact if there is a problem with my payment?
If you think your card should have been accepted for travel and it was refused you will need to contact your bank or payment card issuer. For any other queries contact our customer service team at Liberation Station.


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