AvanchiCard Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.  The below terms and conditions apply to the issue and use of the AVANCHICARD card and AVANCHICARD pay as you go. Please read these terms and conditions to ensure you understand them fully. CT Plus Jersey Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time and to post any amendments.

 2.  CT Plus Jersey Ltd is the authorised bus service contractor on behalf of the States of Jersey. Its principal place of business is Bus Depot, La Collette, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3NX.

Should you require any further assistance please contact the Customer Service team.

By phone

01534 828555

Via e-mail


In person

Liberation Station
St Helier
Jersey JE1 3AS 

In writing

La Collette Bus Depot
St Helier
Jersey JE2 3NX

 3. What is AVANCHICARD card?

  1. AVANCHICARD is a transport smartcard that customers can load electronic travel products on to including season tickets and period passes. AVANCHICARD card is issued by CT Plus Jersey Ltd for use on Jersey bus services.
  2. By applying for an AVANCHICARD card you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by and adhere to the CONDITIONS OF TRAVEL  applicable on our services.

 4. Who can apply for an AVANCHICARD?

There are three principal types of AVANCHICARD.

I)  An AVANCHICARD PAYG or Unlimited card is available to anyone over the age of 16 years. There is no application form necessary, but the cards can be purchased from Customer Services at Liberation Station. Online top up is available for users after they register online. Registration includes an email address, name, address, post code, date of birth and phone number.

II)  Applicants for the Student AVANCHICARD card must be under 16 years of age or in full time education. These cards will expire at the last known date of full time education ending. (All cards will expire at the end of the year 11 term on 31st July.) If you are continuing into full time sixth form education or Highlands, customers are asked to provide an enrolment letter at the start of the new term with proof of age/ID. We also require a photo on all cards of students over 16. This photo can be taken at the customer service desk for free.

For Student AVANCHICARD card applications under the age of 16, a responsible adult must supply at the time of application an email address, personal contact details, daytime contact number and verify that the age of a Student AVANCHICARD card holder is correct. 

5. How to apply

The AVANCHICARD card application process can be found at Libertybus.je.

a)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd reserves the right to alter the application process without notice. By completing the application you request CT Plus Jersey Ltd to process your application and we agree to supply your AVANCHICARD card to you upon approval of your application, which will be at CT Plus Jersey Ltd's sole discretion, within 5 working days.

b)  A minimum top up of £8.00 is required on AvanchiStudent, PAYG minimum is £10 and Unlimited Weekly £21.50, Monthly £50.

c)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd will provide the AVANCHICARD card to you at Liberation Station. It will be valid to make electronic payments up to 48 hours after top-up and registration online, however, top ups are instant when applied and paid for at Liberation Station.

d)  The AVANCHICARD card will remain the property of CT Plus Jersey Ltd at all times and may be withdrawn or cancelled or blocked if you fail to comply with these terms and conditions or if we believe the AVANCHICARD card has been altered, tampered with or misused. Once cancelled, an AVANCHICARD cannot be “re-activated”

e)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd reserves the right to charge an administration fee (currently £5) for the re-issue of a AVANCHICARD card if your card is lost, broken or stolen. Holders of the AvanchiCard student will be charged £2 for their first replacement card and £5 for each replacement card thereafter.

f)  If CT Plus Jersey Ltd replaces, withdraws, blocks or cancels your card in line with these terms and conditions we will transfer any balance on your card to a new card, or, where CT Plus Jersey Ltd refuses to provide a new card in line with these terms and conditions, we will refund to you an amount equivalent to the balance on your AVANCHICARD card within 14 days. A refund of any remaining balance on your AVANCHICARD card will be subject to the payment of a £5.00 administration fee and the security details requested being provided. If you choose to no longer use the card, no refund will be given.

g)  You must notify CT Plus Jersey Ltd of any change of name or address or other contact details provided on the application form by either updating the details using your online customer account or in writing by post to the address set out at clause 2 above. Failure to notify CT Plus Jersey Ltd could result in CT Plus Jersey Ltd being unable to replace or return your card if it is lost or stolen, or to refund any outstanding credit owed to you under these terms and conditions. 

h)  The AVANCHICARD card scheme maybe withdrawn at any time at CT Plus Jersey Ltd's sole discretion. The customer will be entitled to a full refund of any remaining value or season ticket validity on the AVANCHICARD card and no administration fee will apply where the scheme is withdrawn by CT Plus Jersey Ltd.


6. Using your AVANCHICARD card

You must have your valid card available for inspection when travelling at any time. Expired cards will not be accepted, even as proof of ID/Student status.

You may only travel with your AVANCHICARD card if you present your card at the time of travel. If you are not able to present your card when travelling you will be required to pay for your journey separately even though you may have credit available or season ticket validity on your card.

AVANCHICARD period passes (monthly unlimited/weekly unlimited etc.): If you have loaded a season ticket or period pass on to your AVANCHICARD card, just place your card on the card reader when you travel.

AVANCHICARD pay as you go (PAYG)

a)  To use the AVANCHICARD card on any participating bus service you must place it on the card reader after you have advised the driver of your destination. Please treat the PAYG card as you would with a cash payment.

b)  If using AVANCHICARD pay as you go, by placing your card on the reader you authorise CT Plus Jersey Ltd to debit your balance by an amount equivalent to the value of the journey you are taking.

c)  You may not use your AVANCHICARD pay as you go in partial payment with cash for any journey.


7. Adding credit to your AVANCHICARD pay as you go

a)  Online top-up is available at shop.libertybus.je

b)  Cash top-up is available at the Liberation Station Customer Service desk

c)  In general cash top ups will not be available on the bus, however CT plus Jersey Ltd may at its discretion offer cash top-ups on selected services in the future.


8. What to do if your AVANCHICARD card is lost or stolen

a)  You agree to notify CT Plus Jersey Ltd immediately at the address set out at clause 2. above or through customer services contact number on our website if your AVANCHICARD card is lost, damaged or stolen, quoting the security details provided when you applied. If you cannot remember your security details, additional information must be verified to enable us to confirm your identity.

b)  Once CT Plus Jersey Ltd is able to confirm your identity, your original AVANCHICARD card will be cancelled on our systems and a replacement card will be produced and made available for collection at Liberation Station by arrangement with you.

c)  If there is value on your AVANCHICARD pay as you go, you will only be liable for any fares charged up to the point at which you notify CT Plus Jersey Ltd that your card is missing or has been stolen.

f)  Subject to 8c above, any remaining credit or season ticket validity will be transferred to your replacement AVANCHICARD card. CT Plus Jersey Ltd may charge an administration fee to replace your card as provided at clause 5.f. above.


9. AVANCHICARD Unlimited and Christmas/Festive closure periods

a) You will not be given any refund for being unable to use your AVANCHICARD over for periods of holiday or closure.

10. Our liability to you

a)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd's liability to you is limited to the amount of credit on your AVANCHICARD pay as you go and/or the value of any remaining season or period ticket validity at any given time to the extent permitted by Jersey law.

b)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd is not liable to you for any indirect or consequential losses or damage arising from any failing or fault of your AVANCHICARD card or the smartcard system generally.

c)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd accepts no liability to you for any loss or damage suffered as a result of your failing to inform us of any change of details under 5.h. above, or any failure to inform us that your AVANCHICARD card has been lost, damaged or stolen under as provided under clause 8.a. above.

d)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd shall not be liable to you for any loss suffered as a result of any ticket being purchased where a service fails to run for any reason.

e) From time to time, CT Plus may reduce the price of AvanchiCard travel for promotional activities. Once the card is purchased, we are unable to provide refunds for the entire card or part thereof.

11. Data Protection and Your personal Information

a)  CT Plus Jersey Ltd is a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018. CT Plus Jersey Ltd will process your data in accordance with the Act and will use your data for the following purposes:

  •  To provide you with the service you applied for and for ongoing administration of the service
  • To allow us to improve products and services we offer to our customers
  • For research and analysis including travel patterns
  • To enable us to provide anonymous data to the States of Jersey if requested by them
  • To enable us to conduct surveys
  • For the prevention and detection of crime including fare evasion
  • To enable us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
  • To ensure that we follow your instructions correctly and to improve customer service, we may monitor and/or record any communication between you and CT Plus Jersey Ltd

 b)  We may use your information for marketing purposes as follows:

  •  To let you know about related products and or services
  •  To send you offers on behalf of selected third parties which we believe to be appropriate.

c)  We may contact you for the above purposes by post, email, telephone or text messaging to SMS enabled devices depending on the information you have provided to CT Plus Jersey Ltd.

d)  If you do not wish to receive such information you may choose not to do so by notifying CT Plus Jersey Ltd by post, telephone, or email as set out at clause 2. above. You may change your mind about your contact preferences at any time.

e)  We will only disclose your information to others in the following circumstances:

  • When we are legally obliged to do so
  • When there is a duty to disclose in the public interest
  • Where disclosure is necessary to protect CT Plus Jersey Ltd's interest (i.e. to detect crime or fare evasion)
  • Where you give us permission to do so

f) We will retain your information for the period that you have an AVANCHICARD card registered in your name in order to comply with these terms and conditions.

12. Roadworks and loss of service - AvanchiCards

a) Should a bus stop or bus route not be able to operate fully or partly due to external reasons beyond our control (but not limited to) roadworks, diversions, accidents and severe weather, CT Plus shall not be liable to refund journeys/trips/credit/days on any AvanchiCard.


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