What's expected

What’s expected

At LibertyBus, we will do everything we can to provide a safe, reliable and friendly way to get to school on time. However, the school bus service only works if we all do our part - and you have a role to play too. This page sets out what’s expected.

Before you travel

A little bit of preparation goes a long way towards a good journey for everyone:

  • Talk with your parents to work out the safest route to and from pick-up points if unaccompanied
  • Make sure you have your ‘Plan B’ worked out if the bus is full, does not stop or is more than 10 minutes late – see separate school bus guide.
  • Make sure you have your AvanchiCard ready
  • Leave the house with sufficient time to get to the bus stop easily before the bus is due. We suggest that you should be on the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is due to arrive.

Catching your bus

Be ready to make the right kind of entrance:

  • Be ready at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • Don’t forget to indicate for the bus to stop
  • Have yourAvanchiCard ready to hand to the driver
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before trying to get on
  • Let passengers get off before your try and get on
  • Sit down as quickly as possible.

On the bus

Your behaviour on the bus reflects on you, your family and your school.

Unruly or dangerous behaviour on the bus will not be tolerated. We will also not tolerate foul language, spitting, smoking, drug use, fighting, bullying or any abuse towards the driver and other students. Please remember that the driver can insist that students misbehaving should leave the bus and can ask the police to assist. Any student may be excluded from school buses without notice.

Whilst on the bus:

  • Please stay in your seat when the bus is moving
  • Never eat or smoke on the bus and drink only if really thirsty
  • Please don’t do anything that will distract the driver
  • Be considerate of your fellow passengers, avoiding shouting, swearing and playing music
  • Don’t take up an extra seat with your bag - put them under your seat or in any racks available.
  • Do not block the aisle or emergency exit
  • Please take your litter with you when you leave the bus
  • Never open a door on the bus, except in an emergency
  • Never throw anything out of a bus window as this could kill or seriously injure a passer by. Throwing something out of a bus window will be treated as a police matter
  • Please treat your driver with respect and consideration and follow any instructions he or she gives
  • Tell the driver if he is doing a good job, it builds up a good relationship; if he/she isn’t – just tell the company and they can resolve any issues
  • Please take care of the bus and do not damage it. Vandalism of buses is very serious and may result in prosecution. Your parents will be liable for any damage caused
  • At the end of the trip, please take all of your possessions with you
  • Never cross the road in front of or behind a bus. Wait for a bus to pull well away before crossing the road.

After you travel

Talk with your parents if there is anything about your bus journey that you don’t like. If appropriate, they can then raise that either with the school or with ourselves.


Your feedback

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