Personal timetables - beta

Please note: The personalised timetable feature is a beta test version – this means we need your help to test it. Give it a try and let us know how it works at

About personalised timetables

As most people make the same bus journey regularly, the majority of the information in a printed timetable booklet is not relevant to them. Online personalised timetables just present the information from your chosen stop to your destination – and back again – cutting out the irrelevant detail.

You can then print out the personal timetable and use it instead of the big compendium timetables, cutting out waste, protecting the environment and making travel easier. The feature is brand new – the next step up from an online journey planner.

How to make a personalised timetable

Make a personalised timetable in three easy steps:

  • Plan a trip using the journey planner tool – you can use the network map for main calling points or the full geographic map for every bus stop on the Island. If the route chosen by the journey planner is not your best way of going, look for more options on the left hand side of the results page.
  • On the journey planner results page, click ‘make a personal timetable’.
  • The results are displayed in a printer-friendly format, so just print straight from your web browser.

As mentioned above, the personalised timetable feature is a beta test version - there are close to half a million possible variations, so we can't test them all. Let us know how it works for you at It’s worth noting that the personalised timetable tool can only present results for up to one change.

Make your personalised timetable here


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