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We're delighted to have recently launched our 2019 Social Impact Report that reveals the difference a public bus service can make to people's lives.

The report is the result of a large scale survey we conducted at the end of 2018 which sampled the views of over 2,000 bus users. The survey revealed that the service has a real social impact - particularly on the lives of older people, disabled people, young people, unemployed people and new bus users.

One of the most significant findings was the financial impact of switching to the bus. The survey showed that 80% of people who had started using the bus over the last year had saved money as a consequence. It also discovered that 71% of people who started using the bus in the last year had a car available to them meaning they are choosing to use the bus.

The study looked in depth at how the bus service can help people to access jobs and services, improve their confidence and independence and generally get out and about. Some of the key findings were:

  • 35% of older people said their social interaction had improved because of the bus service.
  • 58% of disabled people that were new to using the bus said their access to local facilities had improved.
  • 37% of young adults said the bus service had given them more independence.
  • 59% of unemployed people said their social interaction had improved as a result of using the bus.
We are a social enterprise which means that, rather than making a profit for shareholders, we exist to make a positive difference in our community. It's all well and good to say this but we also need to prove that this is true and measure the extent of the difference we've made.

This year we saw a 39% increase in responses to our survey compared to 2017. The results confirmed what we have long suspected which is that a high quality public bus services can bring people together, help people access facilities and opportunities and break down barriers for older and disabled people.

Our Social Impact Report not only publishes the statistics from our survey but explores the stories of local bus users whose lives have been affected by ther service.

CLICK HERE to read the full report.

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