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Timetable and Fare Changes from 2 April



Timetable changes from 2 April

It's that time of year when the timetable is due to change. That can only mean one thing - Summer is on it's way!! 

The new timetable starts on Monday 2 April 2018 (Easter Monday) and copies will be available for collection at Liberation Station from Wednesday 28th March 2018.

We would like to thank our customers for their input at this years consultation and throughout the year.  We have had a huge response and it's your feedback that has helped create this year's timetable which will come into effect on 2nd April.

The Spring / Summer timetable is based on last year’s service, with the following enhancements, all of which have been suggested by our customers. 

Route 1 – additional Sunday services (continuing to make a 20 minute frequency during the day all year round)

Route 1A – additional evening services and 1 additional Sunday service in the morning compared to last Spring

Route 2 – additional evening service, plus an earlier bus from St Catherine and a later bus to St Catherine for commuter journeys

Route 3 – additional summer services (from 28 May) making a 30 minute frequency throughout the day Monday – Saturday

Route 13 – slight timing changes to make a even headway to the zoo in the summer

Route 15 – additional Sunday services (continuing to make a 20 minute frequency during the day all year round)

Route 20 – slight amendment of route

Route 27  – is back again this year – predominantly a weekend route (however also operates daily throughout the school holidays) to St Lawrence and St Mary, making visiting Tamba Park and La Mare Wine Estate even easier than before.

Route 28 – Sunday service to include Les Landes, and Portinfer giving a service to houses in this area where previously there had been none.

 The new timetable can be found here

Contactless Payments

During the summer of 2018 we will be investing in changing the ticket machines on our buses to allow contactless payments, which will in turn speed up boarding and offer even more flexible ways to pay for your bus journey. 

This represents a significant investment and is being done due to direct feedback from our customers.

Changes to Bus Fares

From 2 April 2018 some of our bus fares will be changing too, increasing marginally in line with inflation.  

The changes to fares are as follows:

PAYG will increase by 5p to £1.60 per journey

AvanchiStudent will increase by 3p to 80p per journey.

Monthly Unlimited passes will rise for the first time in 5 years by £1, to £50 per month in the Station and £46 per month for on-line top ups. (This is still cheaper than 2012 when it was £52)

Weekly Unlimited fares will be frozen to £21 per week however on line top ups will rise slightly to £18 per week.

AvanchiAnnual pass will remain frozen for the 6th year at £495

Cash Fares will change but only when we have introduced contactless payments.  They will change to £2.20 per adult and £1.10 per child.  Contactless payments will remain at £2 per adult and £1 per child.

Our range of AvanchiCard cards are below. Contact our customer service team to help you decide which card suits you best.





unlimited monthly

·         31 consecutive days

·         unlimited travel

·         full LibertyBus network

Saving tip:

With this card you get monthly unlimited travel for the same price as paying for 23 single fare journeys in cash.



pay-as-you-go PAYG

·         excellent for the less frequent customer

·         flexibility of a pre-paid card

·         credit on the card doesn't expire

Saving tip:

The PAYG fares are cheaper than paying the cash fare! Plus - the credit that you put on the card doesn’t expire. You can top up and check your balance online and you will never need to find loose change for the bus





Avanchi student

·         80 pence per journey

·         credit on the card doesn't expire

·         flexibility of a pre-paid card

Saving tip:

For school journeys you can change buses without paying again: if you start your journey on a scheduled bus service, when you board the first bus and use your Avanchi Student, you will be issued with a ticket. You must keep this ticket because you can use it to catch a second bus free of charge (only for transfers between services for travel to or from school)

Avanchi Student available to residents under the age of 16 and for residents in full time education.














Your feedback

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