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Route 8 Diversion

Route 8 Diversion

Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of February

The 07.30 inbound will departure from the War Tunnels. It will then turn right at Tesson Chapel, left past Tesson Mill and up Sandybrook Lane. Sandybrook stop will not be serviced.

The 08.20 inbound departure from the War Tunnels will unfortunately have to start the journey at the temporary bus stop opposite Tesson Mill. It will then go via Paperclix and Sandybrook Lane. Tesson Chapel and Sandybrook stops will not be serviced.

All other Inbound Route 8s will go down the valley as normal, divert right onto La Rue du Moulin de Tesson from St Peters Valley and left onto Sandybrook lane where it will join its normal route again. War Tunnel, Tesson Chapel and Sandybrook E stops will not be serviced.

Outbound Route 8s will have to go along St Aubin inner road, through the cut through and up Beaumont Hill, turn right down Mont Fallu and continue up St Peters Valley from there. Bel Royal School, La Providence, Tesson Chapel and Jersey War Tunnels Stops will not be serviced outbound.










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