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Your final chance to make a change...

Winter Timetable Public Consultation... today!

Today is your last chance to meet with LibertyBus management and suggest changes to the winter timetable for 2017.

  The consultation will take place at Liberation Station Customer Service Desk, opposite Stand H between 12:00 – 14:30 on Friday 28th July (today).

This gives opportunity for all members of the public to meet the LibertyBus management team, view the proposed winter timetables and put forward suggestions that LibertyBus can consider to help improve the service offering.

The proposed timetables are available on the LibertyBus website in draft from Friday 21st July at   

Any member of the public who is unable to attend, are able to email your ideas and suggestions for the winter timetable via email to us at:

Closing date and time for the public consultation is Friday 4th August 2017, at 16:00 and after this time no alterations can be made to the timetables.


Thank you!


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