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Annual charity ‘bowling & buffet’ night a success!

On Wednesday 25th January LibertyBus staff, Jersey Mencap clients and support workers, Highlands Life Skills students and support workers, and members of the States of Jersey Community Policing Team met up for their annual bowling & buffet night.

The evening has been running for the last three years, giving Jersey Mencap clients and Highlands Life Skills students a chance to build strong relationships with bus drivers, LibertyBus management and the States of Jersey Police.

Many of the individuals from Jersey Mencap & Highlands Life Skills have previously struggled with feeling nervous, anxious and lack confidence travelling alone on the bus. However various projects over the last three years, including the annual bowling & buffet night, has improved relations - so now many clients are travelling alone and feeling supported by LibertyBus.

Unfortunately for LibertyBus and the SOJ Police their guests put them to shame, and well outdid them at bowling! LibertyBus Marketing Manager, Jess Stanier (pictured) went head to head with Matt & Vanessa of Jersey Mencap, and lost sorely to Vanessa - who beat her with over 10 points!

Nikki Withe, HR & Community Transport Manager at LibertyBus, said: ‘One of our drivers gave up his time to take us all up to the bowling alley – and Jersey Mencap brought along their guitar and song sheets for us to follow… it turned into an on-the-road Karaoke night!’

‘The whole evening was great. It offers such an important opportunity for us to familiarise ourselves with each other. And of course this works both ways - if we know the people who might need a little extra support, we can provide it. If it helps some individuals to feel more confident using our bus service as they know more of our staff, then that is a brilliant result.’

Jersey Mencap’s next fundraiser is their annual South Coast Charity Challenge on 21st May with transport provided by LibertyBus.


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