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Merry Christmas from Communicare

A merry Christmas message from Grace at Communicare:



By way of background, the Club evolved from a formal daycare centre run by Family Nursing and Homecare (FNHC). When FNHC had to withdraw, due to financial constraints, some years ago, the volunteers who had assisted them decided to carry on in a somewhat different format as the facility would have been sorely missed had it closed completely.

Our members are all senior citizens and the majority live alone, meaning that their weekly meetings at Communicare are very important to them, enabling them to meet up with friends, enjoy morning coffee or tea and biscuits, a cooked lunch followed by some form of entertainment and tea and cake before going home. The members also enjoy exercise sessions, bingo, quizzes, card games, Scrabble etc.

We like to organise special events and outings whenever possible but, apart from some generous bequests received in memory of former members, the Club is basically self funding so, when we approached LibertyBus recently for assistance in transporting our members to a special Christmas outing to The Mayfair Hotel, we were delighted and extremely grateful to be offered the use of a bus, complete with a wonderful driver, Ian, to get us to and from the hotel.

Not only was this extremely meaningful for the Club in financial terms, but it also meant that all the members and the volunteer helpers were able to travel together and have lots of fun on the journey, adding to the overall enjoyment of a very special day.

LibertyBus' commitment to helping the community by providing transport to groups such as ours made a big difference to our seniors' enjoyment of this special event and will be remembered for a long time to come as something very special. Thank you."


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