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Be part of the solution with our new campaign to tackle traffic

LibertyBus have just launched their latest campaign, aimed at challenging the public to begin using the bus for trips to and from town.

The new movement is off the back of the recent #TakeTheLiberty campaign where Marketing Manager, Jess Stanier stole her family’s cars and forced them to take the bus for a week.

Marketing Manager, Jess Stanier said, ‘After making my family take the bus for a week, they made real changes in their bus use, and I think it really opened their eyes to how easy it can be – in particular to and from town. We all complain about the traffic… but what do we do about it? This campaign is all about us all taking ownership of the issue of traffic in our island. I am not saying you need to get the bus everywhere, but it should be seen as a viable alternative. Especially for those guilty of riding solo – when there is only you in the car.’

She went on, ‘Car pooling, cycling, walking or taking the bus are options which will reduce our traffic. It’s time to start noticing how many times we drive the car and it is just us in there. What about the driver next to you, sat in traffic too – how many people are in their car? This campaign is all about us taking responsibility and making the necessary changes happen.’

The new bus images ask questions such as ‘How many people are in your car’ and state the fact ‘Did you know… there are more vehicles than people in our island?’ along with the mission statement ‘Be part of the solution, #TakeTheLiberty.’

The #TakeTheLiberty campaign is now live, and bus users are encouraged to share their photos, comments and support with LibertyBus via the hashtag.


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