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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a list of questions that we have been asked by bus users over the last month. If there is a question that you have which you'd like to see here, please get in touch with us at Customer Services on

 Who do I pay?

Please pay the driver of the bus for single journeys - £2 one way per adult, £1 one way per child.

 Is my UK bus pass valid?

Unfortunately we don't have a reciprocal agreement with the UK. Jersey locals can't use their bus passes in the UK, and UK residents can't use their passes here.

 When should I get to my stop?

Please be there at least five minutes early to prevent issues. As every bus stop (except the bus terminal) are 'request stops' the driver will not stop unless someone hits the 'stop' button on the bus or calls the bus from a stop (by waving etc). This can mean that the bus is a little early or late if very busy or quiet.

 When does my bus pass start?

If you have bought an unlimited pass, it starts from the day you use it on a bus! And, it runs for consecutive days. So, if for example you have a 3 day pass, you can only use it for three consecutive days. You will not be able to freeze or pause the pass - so take full advantage of it whilst it is valid! You will be able to use your pass until the last bus, on the last day of your pass being valid.

When is my next bus?

TRACK MY BUS: - Use our Track My Bus service to see exactly where in the Island your bus is right now

TEXT MY BUS: 07797798888 - Use our Text My Bus service to find out when the next bus will be at your stop. Simply text the stop number (you can find this next to where it says 'BUS' on the road) to our mobile number.

PAPER TIMETABLE: Our paper timetables are available free of charge, for collection from our Customer Service desk at Liberation Station during the above hours.

ONLINE TIMETABLES: Use our website to view the full timetables by clicking here.

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Push bikes cannot be taken on the bus unless you can fold them up, or they can be put in a bag AND if there is enough storage room on the bus in the luggage section (usually only just on the airport bus) to safely put them here. The reason we don't allow bicycles on the bus is due to health and safety - we simply don't have anywhere to harness or store the bikes without the possibility of them moving.

Can I take my child's bike on the bus?

This is down to the drivers discretion. If you are able to safely hold the bike (let's say it is for a 2 year old), then yes. However, if your child is 10 the size of the bike could be much larger and in that instance it would need to be packed, folded or in a bag like the adult bike above.

Can I eat an ice cream on the bus?

As much as we love a Mr Whippy, please finish your melty ice pop before getting on the bus. Sticky hands and drops of ice cream on seats and floor cause discomfort for those after you who accidentally sit in your ice cream puddle.

Can I eat on the bus?

Again, please finish your food before you get on the bus, or keep it wrapped until you get off. The temptation once you've picked up a lovely portion of fish and chips is to unwrap it then and there. But, some stray chips will probably end up on the floor, squishd into the seats and your greasy hand print on the 'stop' button. Not nice for the next person on board.

Can I take drinks on the bus?

When it is cold, we know how tempting it can be to bring your hot drinks on the bus. However, due to health and safety we do ask that you please finish your drink before boarding. This includes cold drinks too.

Can I Vape on the bus?

Who are we to judge if you enjoy a cigarette or vaping?! Whether you do or don't, please do not do it on our buses! Due to health and safety and of course consideration for other users (not to mention the law) you aren't able to smoke on any of our vehicles.

Can I drink alcohol on the bus?

Whilst we encourage you to use the bus after a night out, please make sure you leave the bottles and glasses in the pub as we cannot allow them on the bus due to health and Safety of all of our customers.

Can I bring my body board on the bus?

Our buses run regularly to the beaches of the island, and we encourage you to enjoy this! We are happy for you to travel with your board as long as you can safely store it in the luggage storage section on the bus.

Can I bring my surfboard on the bus?

We love surfing, but unfortunately we do not have facilities to hold surfboards of any size.

Can I bring my scooter on the bus?

If you can fold it and put it in the luggage storage area, yes, absolutely! And we aren't just talking to children here, adults use them too!

Can I bring my garden fork and shovel on the bus?

If you have large equipment such as the above, due to health and safety we cannot travel with these items unless you have them covered safely and they can be stored in the luggage area. We ask that you use common sense with this - buses are busy places, please don't attempt to bring furniture or similar with you.

Can I bring my pram on the bus?

Yes. There is only room for two prams or one pram and a wheelchair on any bus though, unless you are able to fold away the pram and take a seat with your little ones.

Can I take my dog on the bus?

Guide dogs, Hearing dogs and other accessibility dogs are always welcome. For pets, it is down to driver discretion. We are mindful that too many dogs on board can cause an issue (sometimes they like to have a bark-off together), and some passengers are scared of dogs so we are always mindful of this and check with other bus users.

Please note however, that no dog is allowed to sit on a seat whether it be on a towel or directly on the seat due to health and safety. They can sit on your lap by all means.

HEY! I've topped up my Avanchicard online, why can't I see the top up in my account?

When you top up your card online, it is only activated once the card touches our ticket machine. Therefore, after you've used it you'll see the top up but until then, it won't appear.

HEY! I topped up my Avanchicard online this morning and I tried to use it this afternoon, and it didn't work!

Our online top up takes 48 hours, the same as Oyster cards in London. So, it won't work until 48 hours time... if you want immediate top up, go to our customer service desk at Liberation Station and it will go onto your avanchicard then and there.

The pronunciation of stop names on the announcement system is terrible! Why can't you record a local person to say the names properly?

Our announcement system is the standard across all buses in the UK. This system doesn't allow you to record a voice, but rather you have to chose an accent and write in the stop names on a computer program. As many of our road names in Jersey are French, or Jersey French, they are difficult for the 'English' voice to pronounce. And the 'French' voice can't master the English names, or Jerriais road names... so there's no winning! There is one company in the UK who offer recording service for the announcement service, but it is extremely expensive and something we just don't have the funds for right now. Although if you know someone who does, let us know!

I hate the stickets on the windows. I can't see the view properly! Take them down! 

You will be pleased to know we agree. So we have changed our policy so that now a maximum of 30% of the window can be covered by advertising or our own marketing (the Liberty sails), so visability will improve. We appreciate that it is important to be able to see out the window and enjoy the view - so any new advertising will not wrap the whole bus, or cover all of the windows. Obviously, the existing stickers and vinyls will not be taken down until the end of their booking. But, new ones will be very different going forwards. There is also lots of other material options so that windows can have advertising on them, but not in a way which inhibits view.

Why can it take up to 48 hours for online top up to be reflected in my balance?

We are currently using the fastest system available for online top up, to smart card use on bus in Great Britain. In London, if you top up your Oyster card online, and use it first on a bus, it takes up to 48 hours for it to be topped up, unlike when you use it on the tube, as the systems are built into the infrastructure in each station, so it activates the 'online' top-up straight away when you first tap in.

You will find that it mostly takes about 24-48 hours for the AvanchiCard balance to be reflected on the card when topping up online. However, to be on the safe side, we do advise to allow up to 48 hours.

How do I use the AvanchiCard on the bus?

AvanchiCard Concession, Student, Unlimited & Visitor: When you board the bus, press the card on the yellow card reader on the ticket machine. The green light will flash quickly a few times, and then turn a static green.

AvanchiCard PAYG: Place the PAYG card on the reader, and the ticket machine will deduct the correct fare amount off your card. You can use the same PAYG card for multiple people.

I’m a parent/guardian, and I have more than one child using AvanchiCard Student, how do I put both cards on one account 

If you need more than one student card on an account, please email your card details to and we will link your accounts for you. Please note that the card holders need to be residing at the same address.

What if I lose my Avanchicard?

Lost cards can be reported to our Customer Service team and “hot listed” to inactive status by contacting the Liberation Station information desk in person or via phone. We can transfer the credit balance from one card to another and the reporting of potentially fraudulent transactions which can be credited back to an account. Please note that a replacement card will cost £5.00 (£2.00 for AvanchiCard Students initially and £5 for each card thereafter) to cover the cost of the card and the small admin fee.

How will I know when my balance is low on the Avanchicard?

A ticket will then be printed out of the machine, and this will tell you how many journeys you have left on your card. Alternatively, you can check your balance online at Please note that until the card is first used 'on-bus', the balance will not be visable but you can always call us if you need to check on (01534) 828555.

What number do I call if I have a problem with my Avanchicard, or any questions?

Our customer service team are contactable on 01534 828555, or by email: or available at the Customer Service desk at the below times:

07:30 - 18:30 Monday - Friday

08:30 - 18:00 Saturday

09:00 - 18:00 Sunday

Why do I need to add an email address to my account?

We need you to add an email address to your online AvanchiCard account, just in case you forget your password. Otherwise, we can't send you an email to notify you of the change.


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