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The LibertyBus service in Jersey is here to keep you on the move – whether you’re commuting to work, visiting the Island, going shopping or just getting out and about.

Your LibertyBus service is delivered by CT Plus Jersey under contract to – and in partnership with – the Department for Infrastructure at the States of Jersey.

A service for the Island  

The LibertyBus service has been designed to help you leave your car at home. Sit back and relax on our high-specification fleet of brand-new buses and avoid the hassle of parking, the cost of petrol and the sight of a taxi-meter ticking up as you sit in traffic. LibertyBus aims to create a bus service for the Island – easy to use and accessible to as many Islanders as possible.

Daily to almost anywhere
Catching your bus
Text My Bus
A fully accessible fleet
Next stop information
Telling the driver to stop
Safety on board
Our terms and conditions
A social enterprise bus operator

Daily to almost anywhere

The network of bus routes provides a high frequency of services to the Island’s main shopping centres, workplaces, beaches and visitor attractions – and our modern bus fleet offers a very comfortable and passenger-friendly ride. Most of our bus services operate daily and will take you almost anywhere on the Island. You can find a comprehensive journey planner here - and full timetable information here.

Catching your bus

The main bus station is Liberation Station in St Helier but you can board our buses at any of the stops around the Island. As well as traditional bus stops marked with poles, there are also numerous stops around the Island identified by ‘BUS’ painted in white on the road. At these stops passengers should wave down the correct bus when it approaches. You can see a full map of all bus stops, plus the real time departure information here.

TrackMyBus & TextMyBus

To find out where your bus is, log on to Track My Bus for up to date live information.

If you do not have access to a device with an Internet browser, but you do have a mobile telephone that can send and receive SMS messages, TextMyBus provides departure times information by text message.

To use TextMyBus, send a text message containing a four figure bus stop code to 07797 798 888. You will receive a return message a short time later listing the services departing from that bus stop within the next two hours. The bus stop codes are marked on the road at each bus stop, and are numbered from 2323 upwards.

A fully accessible fleet

We want to provide a bus service that meets everyone’s needs. All our buses are low-floor so they are all fully accessible for wheelchair users, pushchairs, prams and some smaller mobility scooters (with a permit). Low-floor buses also help those who have other mobility impairments. Our buses handrails and steps are well marked to help people with a visual impairment.

Wheelchair users: All our buses have easy-access ramps and a dedicated wheelchair space suitable for all types of wheelchair - up to a maximum laden weight of 250KG. We would ask that wheelchair users apply their brakes when in the wheelchair space. If there are no wheelchair users on the vehicle, this space will be available for other passengers - but we would ask any passenger to give up this space if a wheelchair user requires it.

Mobility scooters: If you travel using a mobility scooter, we can accommodate some of the smaller varieties of scooter. First of all, the scooter will need a permit. These can be obtained through a brief assessment, trialling it on one of our vehicles to ensure you can travel safely. To arrange a scooter permit assessment, please call 01534 828550.

Next stop information

Our buses tell you what the next stop will be – on a screen and with an announcement at some stops. 

Telling the driver to stop

Press the red buttons to tell the driver that you would like to get off at the next stop. If you can’t reach a button, ask a fellow passenger for help. You can also tell the driver where you need to get off in advance if you are unfamiliar with the route so he or she will stop without you having to worry.

Safety on board

LibertyBus operates a no smoking policy on all vehicles and in Liberation Station. Please do not place luggage or any other obstruction in the aisles of the vehicle, using the luggage racks where provided.

Please always consider your fellow passengers – for example, please refrain from eating and drinking on the buses. 

Our terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions of carriage can be found here

CT Plus – A social enterprise bus operator

CT Plus Jersey (trading as LibertyBus) has been operating the bus services in Jersey from 2 January 2012 under contract from the States of Jersey. So who are CT Plus Jersey and what makes them different from other bus operators?

CT Plus Jersey is a part of the HCT Group - a social enterprise that exists not for the benefit of shareholders, but for the benefit of the communities where we operate. We do this by reinvesting money we make on commercial contracts back into further community services that will help those communities to get out and about. You can find out more about how we work here.

In addition to the CT Plus depot in Jersey, HCT Group has depots in London, Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, Bristol and Guernsey. Our track record spans a wide range of services – from London red buses to social services transport, from school transport to Park and Ride, from community transport to education and training. We now provide over 23 million passenger trips on our buses every year.

You can find a full breakdown of the services we provide across the group here.

CT Plus Jersey was established in 2012 for the specific purpose of delivering bus services on the island. It is registered in Jersey and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HCT Group.


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